I am an attorney who recently utilized the services of Dr Dixon in a case where my client was charged with several counts of Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. The young man was from the Middle East He and his family had a lengthy history of being surrounded by violence.

Due to my client’s background, Dr Dixon interviewed my client and wrote a report regarding his diagnosis of PTSD. He also drew a conclusion that supported a Diminished Capacity Defense.

His report was very well written and supported by facts. It was a huge help in reaching a satisfactory plea bargain with the prosecutor. I would definitely feel comfortable using him again.

Lloyd G. Edwards
Attorney at Law
Bellevue, WA.

Fortunately I discovered Dr. Dixon’s forensic mental health services a couple years ago. In the practice of criminal defense there are many cases where a prosecutor and/or judge share the belief that a defendant is simply a cold and callous criminal.

In reality I have learned many of my clients suffer from mental health conditions that mitigate their criminal conduct. Dr. Dixon’s is the best in the business at forensic mental health defenses and has saved my clients from years of prison time. Dr. Dixon is compassionate, highly skilled, and well respected within the legal community.

Steve Karimi
Attorney at Law

I am a criminal defense attorney handling serious and sometimes complex felony cases. In June of 2011, Dr. Dixon examined my client for mental issues including drug use, mental illness and sexual deviancy. Dr. Dixon was able to make clear sense out of a complex client. His expert analysis enabled both the State and defense to settle the case without trial because we were able to understand this person better. I highly recommend his

Kris Jensen
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