FAQ for Attorneys

How soon can you see me/my client? Usually within a week, or sooner.

Will you provide a report? Yes, although you will not be sent the report, until it is reviewed by telephone conference first.

How do you bill? Most of our evaluations with a forensic psych examination, psychological testing battery administration, scoring, interpretation and report writing to be appropriate for courtroom testimony requires between 10-16 hours of our clinical time.

Collateral interviews, which can be very helpful at times are either face to face, or by telephone. These may add additional hours, especially if travel is required. Evaluations are billed in part considering where we will evaluate your client.

Cognitive-neuropsychological testing may require an additional 6-10 hours if there has been severe alcohol or drug dependence, head injury, or degenerative brain disease.

Some cases require reviewing important discovery which may take one to four more hours. Medical records, police reports, and witness reports as well as information from the prosecutors office must be carefully reviewed in determining areas of examination focus.