1. Northwest Forensic Psychology

Northwest Forensic Psychology is a team of psychologists, mental health therapists, and psychometrists trained and experienced to provide mental health evaluations under the direction of Clinical Psychologist Dr. David Dixon. We provide a comprehensive evaluation using a battery of  testing that is well accepted by the court. We are located in the Puget Sound region, with main offices in Seattle and Bellevue, but often travel to conduct evaluations throughout Washington State.

2. Assessment

A Forensic Psychological Evaluation (Independent Medical Evaluation “IME”) includes a psychological clinical interview, mental status exam, and may include a cognitive, neuropsychological, personality, and/or psycho-emotional assessment battery.

3. Civil/Criminal Evaluations

Dr. Dixon and his team offers psychological expertise, consultation, testimony and evaluations on the following matters. Mentally disordered offenders, pre-trial and sentencing, competency, risk of criminal recidivism, divorce/fitness of adult caregivers, dependency, fitness to parent, employment/fitness for duty, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse/dependence, Borderline Personality disorder, disability and medical evaluations, and emotional damage assessments.

4. Expert Testimony

The psychiatrist or psychologist who is asked to prepare a forensic psych evaluation (to examine and evaluate a patient in anticipation of prosecution or litigation) may be recognized by the court to serve as an expert witness. An expert witness–by virtue of education, profession, and experience–is considered to have special knowledge of the subject beyond that of the average person, sufficient that others may legally and officially rely his opinion.

Expert Testimony